Refund Policy

According to Success Triangle, the contribution of Student, Parents and Mentors is in the ratio of 80%, 10% & 10% in their respective role for the success of a student in competitive exams. Parents should not run away from their responsibility after admitting the child in the institute. The child will succeed in the entrance exam only if the parents and the teachers work together and keep the child motivated and focused.
We imbibes the following preparation methodology among its students:
  • Attend Classes promptly and conscientiously
  • Read the topics from NCERT
  • Complement it with ANIL TUTORIALS Study Material
  • Solve ANIL TUTORIALS Home Assignment/Practice set
  • Clear Doubts from Teachers
  • Attend Regular Tests for evaluation
  • Final Review on Topic
The study material provided by ANIL TUTORIALS is original and is prepared by Our own teachers. The material prepared is strictly as per the syllabus guidelines of various entrance exams. The study material is exhaustive enough to give the required competitive edge to the students. Study material builds the concepts of the students. Concepts are then put to test by our original and conceptual test papers. Test papers designed at ANIL TUTORIALS are not only as per the latest pattern of the Exams but are also intended to keep students on toes.
The intricate level problems and questions asked in the test papers truly test the application capability of students. Students are tested on part-wise as well as full syllabus tests. Performance reports of test papers and class/test, attendance
We provide our students with original question samples that have been prepared by the competent faculty at ANIL TUTORIALS . Other institutes simply copy the previous year questions or modify them a bit. This does not provide a competitive edge to the students. We have a dedicated research based team that stresses only on the study material.
Other such coaching institutes overburden the teachers with the work of making study materials. This causes a decrease in teaching quality as well as in the quality of the study material. We plan for tomorrow. So we are the leaders, others are followers.
Proper classroom attendance records of students are maintained and monitored. Any student absenting himself/herself from classes for more than one week without prior information is called at by the centre counselor or manager. The institute is very strict for maintaining proper discipline in the institute. Also, students absenting themselves from Class Tests are reprimanded. Careless attitude towards classroom and test attendance can lead to termination or cancellation of admission of the student by the centre authorities.
Yes, PTMs are an integral part of our education delivery and feedback system. We frequently invite parents to meet with their ward’s respective teachers to understand their performance closely. This is also an opportunity for us to get in touch with the parents and motivate them to help ANIL TUTORIALS and its students achieve the common goal of qualifying in entrance exam selection. With a permanent faculty, this is also one of the advantages, wherein parents can meet the teachers and teachers
Our teachers conduct Daily Revision of previous lectures; Concept clearing sessions in each subject are also conducted which equip students with all possible tips, tricks and short-cut-methods to crack the competitive examinations. Student to Teacher ratio at ANIL TUTORIALS is around 40:1. Other institutes keep 60-80 students in a class. Financially we are the losers but cannot compromise. Others are concerned
There are many reasons why one should join ANIL TUTORIALS and a few of these have been summarized below-
  • Impeccable system of education delivery.
  • Highly qualified and trained teachers.
  • Unmatched results (producing toppers for the last 15 years).
  • Exhaustive, simple, precise, relevant and original study material and Test papers.
  • Learning friendly and competitive environment at the study centres.
  • Integrated approach of teaching – covers school, board & entrance exams.
  • Work culture – Disciplined & transparent
  • Ever evolving and flawless system of management.
  • Back-up classes for weak and late-joining students.
  • Practice assignments.
  • Frequently parent teacher meetings.
  • Motivational classes to inspire and stay focused.
  • Air-conditioned Classrooms.
  • Brilliant initiatives like audio-video/ e-Learning classes.
Teachers at ANIL TUTORIALS bring along a wide range of teaching experience: It varies from 2 years to 15 years. Our young teachers bring in a very high level of interaction with students, build rapport & solve doubts intricately. Our experienced teachers bring in rich teaching knowledge during their lectures, thus, helping students built stronger concepts and get an exposure of all kinds of questions that can probably be asked in the exams.
New recruit has to undergo a systematic training regime before they start taking classes. The training given to the teachers provides them with an edge and grooms them in a way that sets us apart from other institutes. Other institutes pick up teachers from anywhere and send them to the class without sharpening their teaching abilities. But here at ANIL TUTORIALS, each and every faculty has to undergo a training schedule of 3 months. The training imparted includes development and sharpening of skills like:
  • Subject Matter Expertise,
  • Black board writing and presentation,
  • Audibility of voice, and their body language while teaching,
  • Interaction level with students while answering their queries,
  • Demo lectures with senior staff for content approval,
  • Training is a way towards perfection, and requirements of ANIL TUTORIALS, so that this training overcomes the variation in experiences and/or qualifications.
The faculty is selected through an exhaustive selection process that comprises of:
  • Written Test
  • Demo Lecture with HODs
  • Personal Interview with Director
  • Final Selection & Offer Letter
Exams like NTSE, NSO, KVPY and JSTS are conducted at national level. Thousands of students compete in these exams and in order to excel in such exams, a student needs some extra preparation and a competitive edge that is missing from the school syllabus. We at ANIL TUTORIALS cater to this 'extra’ preparation that helps your child excel in such exams. Having the achievement of qualifying in a NTSE exam on a student’s
The foundation level course at ANIL TUTORIALS does not overburden a student with unnecessary facts and figures. It actually helps in enhancing the competitive streak in a student. The course material is so developed so that a student gets simultaneously prepared for both, school level as well as national level exams. ANIL TUTORIALS understands the importance of school level exams and hence never lets a student
No. It is not mandatory for a student to prepare for such competitive exams. However, it is beneficial if a student prepares for exams like NTSE that are held at a national level as these let a student know where he stands in a national level competition. A student gets to know about his weaknesses which will make a student work even harder for future examinations. Such exams also set a student in the right mental frame so that he prepares himself well for future exams such as JEE, NEET and AIIMS
These exams help a student gauge his performance on an all India level. Qualifying in such a competitive exam definitely gives a student some brownie points on his resume. These exams boost a student’s confidence and catapult him into the league of achievers. Qualifying in such an exam is a symbol of excellence in education. So a student must give these exams his best shot.
The various programs carried out under the 'Foundations’ banner try to develop the reasoning and analytical skills of students that come handy when they go for higher level competitive exams like JEE, NEET and AIIMS etc. These programs help to invoke the thinking process of a child by making him understand the concepts from the basics.
As the name suggests, the 'Foundations' course program establishes the 'foundations’
Yes. ANIL TUTORIALS always awards scholar students in the form of scholarships. There is test like Admission Cum Scholarship Test (ACST) for admission in the foundation course program. Based on the performance in this test, a student is offered scholarships. The percentage of fee waiver may vary according to the marks secured in this test.
Each class has a maximum of 40 students. Student teacher ratio is of 40:1. Less number of students in a class means greater attention for every student present. A teacher can give more time to each student and can clarify his doubts properly. Thus the students get trained effectively.
Succeeding in any examination depends on the hard work and diligent efforts that a student puts into preparation. We can only show the right path and provide the necessary guidance to a student. We believes that for success in an examination 80% credit goes to a student and 10% credit goes to the mentors and the parents individually. We can only encourage a student to work hard, provide him with the best quality of guidance and study materials and inculcate a sense of discipline in him, the rest lies with a student, whether he wants to succeed or not.
Olympiads are organized at two levels:
Level 1 is a Science Olympiad and Mathematics Olympiad that is organized by the SOF in the respective schools of the participants during school hours.
Level 2 is conducted across India and abroad and is organized in more than 120 centres. The centres of exam are the Kendriya Vidyalayas and the exams are conducted in the month of February.
The top 500 students along with the school topper award winners of level 1qualify for level 2 exams. Students from classes 1st to 12th are eligible for this exam. Registration forms are made available at schools and a nominal participation fee is charged from each student.
The fee structure at ANIL TUTORIALS is justified according to the quality of coaching provided. The details of the fee program are given in the subsequent sections.